Aniverse NFT is a character metaverse called Aniverse where various characters from different animations come together
You can become a character protagonist in our metaverse with your own PFP NFT.

Our metaverse will continuously scale up by adapting various content such as Games, NFT, Staking,
and Governance along with the influx of new characters in our metaverse.

Aniverse’s representative character ‘Larva’ is the first PFP NFT to be added to Aniverse’s character metaverse.
You can participate in building the ecosystem by being the first to participate in Aniverse metaverse.



Larva is a slapstick comedy animation in which small bug characters with various charms such as representative caterpillar characters ‘Red’ and ‘Yellow’, ‘Pink’, ‘Brown’, and ‘Black’ survive in the human world and show a fun and wrong life with friends.

Sewage, old houses, and New York Street! All kinds of dangerous things that have never been seen in the human world await ‘Red’ and ‘Yellow’. From the bitter cold and bomb-like raindrops to the sharp front teeth of rats and twin pigeons!

Small and cute caterpillar ‘Red’ and ‘Yellow’ are amazing in everything in the human world, including chewing gum, ice cream, coins, rings, etc.

Sometimes they get in trouble, happy by these things, and quarrel to occupy each other's things.

A treasure trove-like back alley dump, an exciting water park fountain, and a colorful flower bed... What will happen to ‘Red’ and ‘Yellow’ in the human world seen by Larva's eyes?

larva NFT


ANIVERSE Staking Service is a service that allows you to
receive KANV as a reward for participating in the project's governance
by staking LARVA PFP NFT.

ANIVERSE Official Staking website



ANIVERSE Official Swap website



ANIVERSE Official website



  • 01

    Advertise by making a promotional video with Meta Kongz inside COEX.
  • 02

    To commemorate selling out and to promote, a promotional video of Larva X Meta Kongz will be advertised on public transportations.
  • 03

    Donations will be made to the Leukemia Children's Foundation.
    (Larva goods, school supplies, etc.)
  • 04

    Larva Jeju Shinhwa World (A famous resort in Korea) accommodation voucher benefits are provided to a certain number of holders.
    (Details to be announced later)
  • 05

    Start planning and producing animation collaborating with Meta Kongz
  • 06

    Build the ecosystem of the Aniverse metaverse.
  • 07

    Mining system through Larva NFT staking will be released.
    (Details to be announced later)
  • 08

    ‘Kongz X Larva Limited Edition NFT’ will be airdropped to holders who own 10 or more Larva NFTs
    (Details to be announced later)
  • 09

    Baby Larva Features and Benefits release
  • 10

    Baby larva will be issued through breeding (TBA)
  • 11

    Food Festival for Larva holders 1H/2H 2022
  • 12

    Aniverse NFT Market renewal · Hangawi Gift NFT Event
  • 13

    Larva NFT Raffle service launch
  • 14

    Larvaland release with LOKON
  • 15

    Roadmap 2.0 will be announced


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  • COO


  • PM


  • Marketing


  • Art & Design


  • Devloper




  • Will the mint proceed on the existing official website?

    The mint site will be announced to all communities 10 minutes before the mint.
  • What's the mint date?

    Pre-purchase on Friday, March 4th – 22:00(KST) / 1st pre-sale at 23:00(KST)

    Saturday, March 5th – 22:00(KST) 2nd pre-sale / 23:00(KST) 3rd public sale

  • What's the total supply and price of mint?

    - Pre-purchase: 1,500 NFTs (Seven/Discord Whitelisted)

    - First pre-sale: 3,500 NFTs (Meta Kongz, Syltare holders)

    - Second pre-sale: 2,500 NFTs (G.rilla, Renaissance holders)

    - Third Public Sale: 2,000

    -The total price is 300Klay.

  • When is it going to be revealed?

    It is scheduled for March 25th (Friday).
  • What is an Aniverse Metaverse?

    Animation friends belong to Aniverse NFT creates Aniverse universe.
  • How is the Larva x Meta Kongz animation produced?

    It will be produced in the form of a short animation.
  • What coin will be used for breeding?

    Aniverse coins can be used for breeding.
  • What will be sold at the goods shop?

    We are planning to sell toys and goods for Meta Kongz and Larva.